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About e-VERUM Consortium

The e-VERUM Consortium is established by a multilateral agreement (without the creation of an independent legal entity) between four founders:

  1. NGO "ELibUkr"
  2. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine 
  3. Association of users of Ukrainian Research and Academic Network "URAN"
  4. Maksymovych Scientific Library of the Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University.

Its name comes from the first letters of the names of organizations founders and refers to the Latin word verum - true, fact.

The main goal of the Consortium is to improve the provision of electronic information resources for universities and research institutions in Ukraine, to increase the productivity of scientists and the number of publications in leading scientific journals, to boost Ukrainian science in the international rankings.

The consortium is open to accession as a customer for any legal scientific and educational entity regardless of its subordination or ownership.

Consortium Operator is the "EVERUM" Limited Liability Company.

Support Consortium projects is carried out by the Charitable organization "EVERUM Foundation".

Projects actually carried out by the Consortium are: